Mevagh Boatyard COVID 19 Policy Statement

Mevagh COVID 19 Policy Statement


Exposure to Covid-19 is a public health risk which affects all citizens and has implications for all workplaces as it can prevent a health risk to employees and other persons at a place of work.

COVID-19 is a new respiratory illness. It has not previously been seen in humans. This type of Coronavirus is also known as 2019-nCov or Novel Coronavirus.

Mevagh Boatyard is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for all our workers and customers. To ensure that, we have developed the following COVID-19

Response Plan

All managers, supervisors and workers are responsible for the implementation of this plan and a combined effort will help contain the spread of the virus.

We will:
• continue to monitor our COVID-19 response and amend this plan in consultation with our workers
• provide up to date information to our workers on the Public Health advice issued by the HSE and
• display information on the signs and symptoms of COVID-19 and correct handwashing techniques
• provide an adequate number of trained Worker Representative(s) who are easily identifiable and put in place a reporting system
• inform all workers of essential hygiene and respiratory etiquette and physical distancing requirements
• adapt the workplace to facilitate physical distancing
• keep a contact log to help with contact tracing
• have all workers undergo an induction / familiarisation briefing
• develop a procedure to be followed in the event of someone showing symptoms of COVID-19 while at work or in the workplace
• provide instructions for workers to follow if they develop signs and symptoms of COVID-19 during work
• intensify cleaning in line with government advice